Before you continue learning about how to become a surrogate mother, make sure that you read Part One first. Part One details on who to speak with. First and foremost you should talk to your doctor to ensure your body is prepared to take on this responsibility, then you’ll want to talk to your loved ones and a surrogate who has already gone through the experience. The benefit of speaking to all of these people is that they’ll be able to provide you with information and be a source of support. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over more of the activities you should be doing to help you prepare your body as well as your finances. If you have yet to fill out the surrogate applications, then start the process here. Remember that a surrogate mother can make $50,000 and more with the compensation and allowances.

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How To Plan To Become A Surrogate Mother

These three additional ways to prepare your body on becoming a surrogate will allow you to plan accordingly physically and mentally. When you decided to become a surrogate mother, you should remember that the success of your pregnancy during this time relies on the decisions you make. At Choice Surrogacy, we’ll provide guidance and knowledge for you during this process. The family that you are willing to help is also a source of strength in helping you be aware of who you are helping during this transitional period of your life. Being a surrogate mother is helping a family that is unable to have children.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

The first way to take responsibility for your body is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you hate exercise, then take it up. If you hate eating right, then invest in a few good cookbooks that are geared toward healthy eating. With this major decision you’re taking a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, which means that you need to eat right and take care of your body. Now that you’re a surrogate mother you’ll want to eat healthy food, avoid undercooked meat, and maintain a healthy weird. If you love eating, then don’t overeat, but eat when you are hungry and items that are healthy to help maintain your weight. Make sure to look at your BMI and talk to your doctor to know what your proper weight should be.

Remove Stress From Your Life

Stress when you are pregnant is not good. Try to avoid stress as much as possible when you are pregnant. There are specific things you should definitely avoid when you are pregnant that cause a lot of stress such as divorce, marriage, and moving. These are just three possible stressful activities you should avoid doing. There are a lot more stress-inducing activities that can cause changes in the child’s brain developing later on, so it’s best that you rid your life of as much stress as possible. You’ll want to create a relaxed and stress-free environment.

Become Matched And Sign The Paperwork

Once you’ve been checked over by doctors and have signed up with Choice Surrogacy, we’ll match you with a family and you’ll sign the paperwork to to make this commitment official. Becoming a surrogate is an altruistic deed that will provide the family with an additional member of their family they’ve wanted for some time. Signing the paperwork to you might not seem like a huge deal, but it’s life changing in the eyes of the family who is investing time and money into adding a child to their family.