Pregnancy can be overwhelming. The body is sore, the hormones are going wild, and a woman doesn’t feel like her normal self. For these reasons, it’s vital that a woman who is pregnant has a support system. However, it’s even more important that a woman who is a surrogate mother has a support system because she needs a lot more guidance during the process. As a partner, it’s important that you provide the support, love, and the patience that she needs to get her through the almost year-long process.

At Choice Surrogacy, we emphasize the importance of a support system when a woman is learning how to become a surrogate mother. One of the qualifications is that she needs to have a reliable mode of transportation to appointments. We also stress the importance that a partner and a family plays in making sure the surrogate mother is comfortable. For further information on creating a strong support system, check out the Choice Surrogacy experience.

Ways You Can Support A Surrogate Mother

So how can you support your loved one during her time as a surrogate mother? There are many ways that you can offer support. The most important is to remember that she will need you to do more around the house, with your own family, and take her to medical appointments. It’s also vital that you’re patient during this time because it can be a little more stressful than your normal routine. Here are some ways that you can support your loved one during your time in surrogacy:

Create A Solid Support System

A support system ensures that the special woman in your life feels comfortable and stress-free during her time as a surrogate mother. You can help by encouraging your other family members, friends, and even religious leaders or counselors, to create a solid support system for your loved one. These people are familiar to your partner, so she’ll feel much more comfortable talking to them and going places with them.

Do A Little More At Home

Another way that you can help your loved one feel more at ease with the decision of becoming a surrogate mother is by doing a little more at home. You may have split all of the chores 50-50; however, when your partner becomes a surrogate mother, she won’t have the energy to do as much. You may have to pick up the dry cleaning, do the laundry, and cook dinner on some nights. By doing a little more around the house, your partner will feel taken care of no matter how little housework you do.

Be Encouraging

Another way you can be supportive during this transformative time is by being encouraging. When you’re more encouraging about her decision in becoming a surrogate mother or joining a mentoring program to meet other surrogate mothers, she’ll see that you’re supportive about her choice in doing this. It’s important that you show that it’s okay that she’s doing this because she’ll understand that you are completely okay with the situation.

For more information on how to become a surrogate mother, stay tuned for our next blog.