When it comes to being a surrogate mother, it’s vital that you take the time to care for your body. Pregnancy can take a toll on the body with some women and others enjoy the entire experience. If you’ve decided to learn how to become a surrogate mother, then this blog post will help you understand how you can take care of your body. As a full service surrogacy agency, our experienced professionals at Choice Surrogacy can help you figure out if this is the right path for you and your family. While surrogacy is a beautiful and altruistic decision, it’s vital that you know the big picture and what to expect as you help couples have a child. For more information, fill out a surrogate application.

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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Body When Pregnant

In today’s blog, we’ll be going over tips for caring for your body during your surrogate pregnancy. If you’re thinking of becoming a surrogate mother, then these tips will help you know what to look forward to as you continue through the process. If you’ve already decided to become a surrogate mother, then these tips are essential to ensure your body is ready for pregnancy. It’s vital that you take the proper precautions to ensure your body’s health and the baby is developing as it should. Taking care of your body will also reduce any risk of complications during your pregnancy.

Visit The Doctor

This tip is the most important to do. You should always visit a doctor when you’re pregnant and as you get closer to your due date, you’ll need to visit your doctor even more. Even before you decide to be a surrogate, it’s vital that you visit the doctor to ensure your body is able to handle pregnancy. A doctor will track your healthy, make sure the baby is healthy, and will monitor you closely. In comparison to your personal pregnancy, you’ll have to visit the doctor more frequently and you’ll need to keep all of the prenatal appointments so your doctor can be informed during the pregnancy.


You need your rest while you’re pregnant, but it’s even more important when you’re a surrogate. You’ll need to get at least eight hours of sleep a night so your body is well rested. As you progress from your first trimester to your second, you’ll probably feel more tired and began to sleep on your side. When you sleep on your back, you’ll actually cut the blood supply off from the baby, which will make you feel dizzy. In addition, rest for your body is essential to allowing you to feel better and the baby to be healthier.

Minimize Stress

Stress can really take a toll on the body and the baby. By minimizing stressors in your life, you’ll be more relaxed and healthy for the baby. As a surrogate, you’ll experience regular mood swings and the emotional upheavals of pregnancy. Minimizing your stress means that you take some of the responsibilities off your shoulders, you have a support system to lean on, and you let go of some of those challenges you don’t have to focus on anymore. For example, if you have small children you need to pick up everyday after school, then ask a grandparent or a friend to help you out more. If you have emotional stressors, then strive to avoid those as well.

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