Choice Surrogacy is always looking for new surrogates who want to change the lives of people who are looking to have a child to add to their family. Surrogacy is a beautiful gift that allows a person to gift someone with a new addition to a family that they have always wanted. Our full service surrogacy agency helps people who are hoping to have children receive the gift of a new member to their family. In addition, we pair surrogate mothers who are a good fit with those who are interested in having a child. We have 20 years of experience in the industry, which means we’re able to help you decide if becoming a surrogate mother is right for you. If you’re looking to figuring out how to become a surrogate mother and if this path is right for you, then we’ll provide you with some information that will allow you to make this important decision.

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What Is Surrogacy?

Before we get started on making this altruistic decision, let’s dive into what exactly surrogacy is. Surrogacy is the process of a woman carrying a baby to term for another person or people who will become the parents of the child after he or she is born. Surrogacy is determined in two different types: traditional and gestation.

Traditional surrogacy is when a woman becomes pregnant and her own egg is part the of conceiving process. When she becomes pregnant, she has every intention of handing over all the parental rights to a set of parents who will become the family to the child once he or she is born. In this case, donor sperm can be used or if there is a male in the partnership who will be taking the child, they can also use sperm from there as well. Traditional surrogacy generally follows the practice of the surrogate mother being related to the family who is gaining the parental rights. For example, if you and your husband cannot have a child, but your sister can, then you can ask your sister to become the surrogate mother and your husband can donate the sperm.

Gestational surrogacy is when a woman carries a child that is not her own and was not conceived by her eggs. This type of surrogacy occurs when eggs are taken from the intended mother and the sperm is taken from the intended father and put into the surrogate mother to carry. Generally, in this type of surrogacy, the potential parents and the surrogate mother are not related. At Choice Surrogacy, we predominantly deal with gestational surrogacy. We are looking for women who feel comfortable carrying to term a child for a family that she connects with. We strive to find women who are healthy and want to partake in an altruistic deed such as this.

Questions To Ask Yourself before You Apply

Now that you know the difference between traditional and gestational, it’s time to start asking yourself if this is the right course for you. These essential questions should be thought over thoroughly, so you can make the best decision for your body, your family, and for the family you will be helping. One of the greatest gifts in life is to help someone else achieve an addition to their family. Even considering becoming a surrogate mother shows that you’re a caring individual who wants to make a difference in someone else’s life.

What Is The State Of Your Health?

The first and most important question you should ask yourself before you dive into surrogacy is to consider your health. If you are in good physical health and you’ve talked to your doctor about this decision, then you can check this question off of your list with a big ‘yes.’ Being in good health will allow you to continue to investigate on how to become a surrogate mother. Being healthy includes not using illegal substances, being a nonsmoker, being at a healthy weight, not having diabetes, high blood pressure, or any life threatening illnesses. There is a special importance put on those who have health risks that might be detrimental to your life as well as the baby’s. For example, if you have high blood pressure and you become pregnant, you can face pre-eclampsia, which will cause seizures during the pregnancy. To ensure that you’re the healthiest possible, it’s important to learn your BMI as well as visit the doctor to learn about your cholesterol, blood pressure, and what else is going on in your body.

What Is Your Financial Situation?

A huge motivating factor for surrogacy clients are their financial situation. At Choice Surrogacy, we provide thousands of dollars to the surrogate mother. If you are struggling with your finances, then becoming a surrogate can be beneficial. However, we don’t want you to be too preoccupied with money. Keep in mind if you decide to go through with the surrogacy process, then you should not have any worries about money to ensure you and the baby stay healthy. If you’re struggling a lot with money and feel like this is the only way to help pay off your debt, then we may ask you to wait to become a surrogate until you’re not as stretched or compromised so your mental and physical health states intact.

Do You Have A Support System?

Having a support system when you’re pregnant is essential to keep you mentally and physically healthy. If you’ve decided to do this without a partner or anyone else to rely on, then it can be very difficult, especially when you near the end of the pregnancy. Pregnancy in general can be very emotional, physically demanding, and mentally exhausting, but when you become a surrogate, you need to prepare yourself when you give over the baby to the intended parents after the nine months. You should have a support system that is enthusiastic, positive, and is encouraging toward this decision. Additionally, when it comes to going to doctors appointments and going to the hospital, it’s imperative that you have someone to drive you around.

Are You Comfortable Being Open About Personal Information With Strangers?

Lastly, when you decide to have a child for someone else, it’s vital that you feel comfortable sharing your past history and your medical one. Are you comfortable exploring aspects about your personal history such as past illegal substance use, a criminal record, past difficult pregnancies, and questions concerning your mental health. When you become a surrogate, you’ll need to detail your lifestyle as well as your medical health to ensure we’re making the right connection between surrogate mother and the intended parents.

Who You Would Be Helping?

The most important factor you’ll need to remember when you decide to become a surrogate is to ask yourself who you’ll be helping. Even though there’s a financial factor, you’re essentially stepping up to the plate to help a family who wants a child more than anything. You will help a family who wants an addition to their family and they are looking to you to help them. You’ll help people who are unable to conceive themselves, same sex families, and families who want to love a new member of their family.

If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate mother, then make sure to read about The Surrogate Experience as well as the qualifications. Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to apply.